Sunday, June 29, 2008

SAP dont want PhDs

With all due respect to PhD, and the amount of knowledge they carry, SAP being an all out enterprise solution needs industry expertise to make it work for users.
I shall write about it in detail later on... for now something to start with(hello world program seems tricky :p) so i have some globe talk- i love giving a piece of whatever I know ( with running a high-risk of being proved wrong quiet often ).

My friends' acquaintance's friend...asks me and I put a reply to not make it complicated for him(almost like saying look elsewhere) but I have seen people struggling so I think I suggested the right thing


It is great that you are thinking of SAP right after your college.
As u already know there are many functional modules in SAP, and you are thinking of FICO.
What SAP actually does is--make the process easier(streamline and takes care of complications) which is profitable for company and good for users also.
So, if we consider above statement right, a functional consultant should be having good knowledge of whatever industry domain he wants to get into SAP.(in your case it is Finance).
Once you become an expert(have knowledge about various finance processes, how they are automated in IT and other things) you will be able to be a greater asset for the company and it will be more rewarding in salary and job profile too.

In addition, please have a look at SAP certification: not worth much?

Below are the answers to your questions:

1. I don't have any technical experience I am a simple graduate so is it good for me to join Sap.

If not good technically not a problem as you are planning for functional module but you have to be very good in your functional field--generally CA or CFA get into SAP.

2. There are so many institute here in Delhi so which institute should I prefer. Sap authorized center or any institute the main difference is authorized centers are charging very high and even after that they are not giving any placement guarantee.

Yes that’s right, there is an entry barrier, fresher men as SAP consultant are not much entertained, it’s a risk(for you as well as the company incase if any hires you). You can browse through different forums online and get more info

3. After completing the Sap, possibility of getting a job is good or not satisfactory.

Good only after you have good prior experience

4. How much pay package a fresher gets after completing Sap?

I have no idea, coz I don’t know any fresher joining directly into SAP

5. Which module is good to join in Sap however I am planning to join FICO module.

based on prior work experience or your area of expertise in industry you can choose your module.Remember that SAP is for industries--very less academic, so degree matters less than experience unless its MBA or any professional degree of your choice of domain such as CA,CFA or APIC certification.

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