Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SAP Project Methodology

SAP Project Methodology

1. Project Preparation (Requirement Gathering - generally handled by Client Coordinators):
• Change Charter - Goals and objectives of Organizational Change Management
• Project Plan - This is a first cut focusing on milestones and Work Packages; details to come.
• Scope - Sets the initial definition of the project; input from sales cycle.
• Project Team Organization - Sets the who of the project: Standards & Procedures - Sets the why and how of the project.

2. Business Blueprint - generally handled by Managers(HR, Technical, Project Managers and Test) and Designers
• Requirements reviewed for each SAP Reference Structure item and defined using CI Templates (in the Q&A db).
• This is the output of the Q&A database and is the key document for Phase 3.

3. Realization (Development)
• Master Lists - Define business scenarios and R/3 transactions to be realized in the system.
• BPP - Business Process Procedures representing R/3 transactions; used for unit testing& documentation.
• Planning - Defines how the configuration will be done and how it will be tested.
• Development Programs - Provides details of the external programming requirements.
• EU Training Material - End User training material and process documentation.

4. Final Preparation (Mapping of Requirement)
• Stress & Volume Tests - Plans for confirming the production hardware’s capabilities
• Cutover Plan - The details of how to move to the production environment and go live
• Conduct End User Training - Delivery of the necessary levels of R/3 End User training prior to going live

5. Go Live and Support
• Ensuring system performance through SAP monitoring and feedback.

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