Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lock Objects

Lock Objects: Are used for synchronizing the access by multiple users for a single object.

Lock Objects start with ‘e’
Whenever we activate lock objects ( eg : EMARA), automatically two function modules will be created:
1. Enqueue_EMARA to lock the object
2. Dequeue_EMARA to release the lock.

SM12 is the transaction code to analyze the locks.

Creating Lock Objects:

- SE11 - Select lock object radio button – Enter lock object name (eg – emara)
- Enter short description – Enter Primary table name – enter lock mode
– enter secondary tables.

example - While creating Sales Order, MM02 should not change the material attributes.

Whenever we do changes to an object, there are other dependent objects which should not changed by any other objects.

Click on Lock Parameter – all key fields will appear, we can change it.
Save Check and Activate.
Automatically system gives two function modules.

Order of a lock mechanism:

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