Tuesday, January 6, 2009


STRUCTURES: It is a group of logically related fields.

Difference between Structure and tables
- Table contains data, structure doesn’t contain data.
- Table must have key fields, structure doesn’t require key fields
There are two types of Structures:
- Include Structure
- Append Structure

Creating Structures:
1. SE11
2. Select Datatype radio button
3. Enter Structure name
4. Click on create
5. Select structure radio button
6. Enter short description
7. Components tab – enter field names, component type enter data element
8. Save Check and Activate

Including a structure: Can be included in any number of tables.
Appending Structure:
- Open a table in change mode
- Click on append structure button
- System proposes a name which we can modify.
But the name should start with Y or Z.

Append structure is always done at the end of structure.

Generally naming convention for fields of append structure are starting with ZZ.

If we have a table with Lchar (long character) as a field datatype, it append at last of the table, we can not have append in that case.

• Include Structure are pre-planned.
• Append Structures are not pre-planned.
• Both are part of enhancements.

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