Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Search Help


-SE11 -Search Help –Names –Create – Elementary Search Help- Short Description.

In Selection methods, enter a table or view.
We cant enter here maintenance view.

In Search Help parameter, enter the field names.
Select check box – importing and exporting.
First Line LPOs = 1, SPOs = 1
Second Line LPOs = 2, SPOs = 2
…and so on…
-Save Check and Activate.


Open the Table in change mode
Place cursor where you want to create F4 help.
Click on search help button.
Enter the search help name and press enter (copy).
Save Check and Activate.

Dialog Type:
1. Display values immediately: As soon as F4 is pressed, values will be displayed.
2. Display values with restrictions: As soon as F4 is pressed, restriction box is displayed.
3. Dialogue depending on set of values: In this option, if number of values is less than 100, it behaves as display values immediately, if more than 100, behaves as dialogue with value restrictions.

Importing – Values are copied from screen to search help
Exporting – Values are copied from hit list to screen fields.

If we have two fields in F4 Plant and Material:
For locking we can see: Plant is not copied, rather material is copied, but user can choose material based on plant.
SPOs – Position of field in hitlist
LPOs – Position of field in restriction box.

Activation – When we activate any object, a series of SQL statements will be generated which will trigger database to create object in database.

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