Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Wherever we want to stop the execution and shift to debugger.
Write statement:

In fields, enter the variable name.
For single line execution , press F5.
For executing the program or to reach the next breakpoint, press F8.

To cancel debugging – Goto Menu – Debugger – Debugging Off.
In order to change the value in debugging mode, change values and click on change field contents (pencil icon).

F5 – next line
F6 – To skip the analysis of execution of perform rather than execution of perform.
F7 – If the current pointer is inside the function or perform, to come back to main program.

To set a user specific breakpoint, we use : BREAK USER.
BREAK USER is a hard breakpoint.
For soft breakpoint, click on STOP.

Ways to start debugger:
- Hard Breakpoint.
- Enter TCODE ‘/h ‘ before F8.
- Adding soft breakpoint.
- Adding watchpoint.

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